Respiratory therapy

Degrees Requirements

The college offers a BSc in Respiratory Care and in order to successfully complete these courses and obtain a degree, the following is required:

The successful completion of a minimum of four years of study (140 credit hours) for Respiratory Care. This is by successfully completing a number of accredited units from the General Curriculum at Al-Maarefa Colleges for Science and Technology, a number of accredited units from the compulsory courses taught at the college of Applied Sciences as well a number of accredited units from the chosen discipline.


Career opportunities

A graduate from the BSc Respiratory Care program at the College of Applied Sciences will have the following career opportunities:

  • Work as a Respiratory Care Specialist in Intensive Care units in hospitals and public and private medical centers.
  • Pursue a Career in higher education institutes as a specialist in Clinical Practices.
  • Progress to higher studies related to academic and medical work.